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While establishing the design principle on setting the balance of aesthetics and function, DD-Box offers fast, functional, creative and affordable solutions to the design issues of many spaces such as houses, commercial areas, hotels, restaurants, cafés, shopping centers and housing settlements.

Architecture is too important to be left to the hands of an architect only. A strong architectural design is constituted as a result of a communion process amongst proffessionals starting from clients or property owners, experts from different disciplines which all solutions in relation to the space needs are to be evaluated broadly within a framework of a plan and programme.

Right at this stage, DD-Box offers building users a full design package supported with mechanical, electrical, structural, landscape, legal, administrative and financial infrastructure, prepared by a team of engineers and consultants in coordinately. We have a network ready in order to procure services from only an initial concept design to schematic design, construction drawings, budget estimates, quantity surveys as well as tender packages according to the customer needs.