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Design Development Box (DD-Box) was founded by Architect Rezzan Kurt (M. Arch), who aimed to form interdisciplinary collaborations with expert teams and to contribute new perspectives to spaces while integrating her experience she has gained since 1998 in the fields of real estate, construction, and design.

DD-Box offers a flexible structure to provide personalized services in design management, real estate development, architectural concept, interior architecture and application for a wide range of properties, such as residences, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, offices, hospitals, museums, and art galleries.

For each project, DD-Box specialists first assess their clients’ needs and produce plans around these needs. Based on the project’s scope; design, technical and application teams are formed from specialists that have prior experience of collaboration. A budget and schedule are proposed. Upon client approval, services are rendered on bases of design, application and consultation.

Drawing its strength from team work, detailed planning and creative design, our teams set goals for every project in line with the project’s own needs and produce solutions supported by newest technology. DD-Box works on a result-oriented basis to create spaces that are functionally and aesthetically equipped beyond what clients may imagine.

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