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Rezzan Kurt graduated with a degree in architecture from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in 1998 and received her master’s degree with honours on Project Management at the same University. She chose Interior Architecture as her second master’s degree and she graduated from the Staffordshire University National Design Academy Interior Design Master’s program in Nottingham, England. Rezzan Kurt is also an Associate member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID).

After her bachelor graduation, she worked in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the M3H Architectural Office for a while. Returning to Turkey, she worked with design masters such as Gökhan Avcıoğlu and Hasan Mingü. She subsequently decided to pursue a career at developer companies with leadership qualifications in architecture and construction, at both urban and individual building scale.

Between 2000 and 2005, she worked as design coordinator for luxury housing projects at Yapi Kredi Koray REIT. During this period, she worked on the projects Istanbul Istanbul, Istanbul Zen, Istanbul Bis, Evidea, Riva and Narmanlı Han.

Within 2005-2010, Rezzan Kurt served as project manager at the Dutch Multi Turkmall, a Multi Development – Turkmall partnership, where she was engaged in project management of Forum-branded shopping centres Trabzon, Kayseri, Diyarbakır and Forum Istanbul.

After being appointed as Director of Commercial Development department at Turkmall Real Estate, through 2010 to 2015 she undertook development and project management of the urban renewal project Bulvar Samsun with ICSC and Arkiparc awards; the Uniq Istanbul project, a mix-use commercial and culture centre that won the Sign of the City award; and numerous other mix-use projects branded Novada, in Istanbul and Anatolia.

Having leveraged her project and design management capabilities to their full effect through managing construction of 1.5 million sqm and a budget of 1.5 billion Euros in total to date, Rezzan Kurt’s foremost asset gained over the years has been a network of qualified professionals from every field of expertise; the cooperation established with them; and the talent of team management.

As regards social responsibility duties within this entire period, Rezzan Kurt performed voluntary tasks in various professional associations and organisations such as Project Management Association, GYODER and ULI. Moreover, she lectured at the master’s programs of ITU.