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Real estate development is a multifaceted business encompassing activities which are related to the building construction and land development. A real estate development project range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land, constructing master planned communities on them or the sale of improved parcels in pieces.

Real estate development shapes the surrounding environment and is a dynamic and interdisciplinary process, which depends on political, economic, social, legal, and physical components. Due to this rapidly changing context, new building technologies, and equipment needs and material variety, real estate development projects are becoming larger and more complex than in previous decades. Under today’s conditions, the success of these sizeable investments should not be left to chance. For this, serious market and client-oriented approaches are essential.

Real estate developers are the coordinators of the process of transforming ideas on papers into realized projects. In general, they purchase a land or a building, determine the target market and the function of the real estate to be developed, constitute the construction program, secure the necessary approvals and financing, complete the construction and finally lease out and manage or sell.

Our presence in the field of real estate development involves setting up, coordinating and managing a team of expert professionals guided by our knowhow and experience gained over the years. While fulfilling this task, our foremost goal is to develop sustainable, innovative, profitable, environment-friendly projects that are in line with the rapidly changing market conditions.

Not only we do realize our own real estate development projects; we also provide consultancy services to institutional and individual clients.